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About The Clinic

1000's of Zoom whitening treatments

All of our dentists are highly experienced and have carried out 1000's of Zoom whitening treatments

Hair and Beauty awards 2022

Finalist London Hair and Beauty awards 2022

No 1 Whitening clinic in London

Voted no 1 Whitening clinic in London by Lnd Fashion (website)

7 years at current location

Well established 7 years at current location in Covent Garden

Minimum 6 shades whiter

We guarantee a minimum 6 shades whiter (most clients achieve 10 shades)

Your personal home kit

Results that last longer, by giving the client a home kit with a prescription product they can top up results at home, maintain teeth whiter for longer

Over 100,000 Zoom whitening procedures

Carried out at the clinic, over 100,000 Zoom whitening procedures safely and effectively

Celebrity endorsed

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Meet The Team


Dr. Alex Christina Balan

GDC no 293266 

Dr. Alexa Cristina Balan is a GDC registered dentist. She has practiced dental and facial aesthetics since graduating from dental school in 2019. She is specialized in facial and skin treatments.



Dr. Victor-Alexandru Moga

GDC no 269273

Dr. Victor-Alexandru Moga is a highly skilled dentist with over 10 years experience. He received his BA of dental surgery from the University of Medicine, Pharmacy, Science, and Technology of Târgu Mureș. He is experienced in teeth whitening techniques and has an avid interest in facial aesthetics. He is known for a gentle touch and compassionate approach and always strives to get the best possible results.


Dr. Soukayna Benouis Chaib

GDC number: 295493

A Spanish qualified dentist, studied at universidad católica de valencia, with a passion for cosmetic dentistry. Fluent in Spanish, English and Arabic.


Zoom Teeth Whitening FAQs

While Zoom Teeth Whitening has been around for a long time, many people are still not familiar with the technique and technology behind it. It is important to us that all of our patients feel comfortable and informed about all of the aesthetic techniques we use at our clinics.

Here are some answers to the most common questions about teeth whitening.

What is Zoom WhiteSpeed Laser Teeth Whitening?

Cosmetic dentists use a whitening process to lighten the discoloration of tooth enamel and dentin that build up over time. The end result is a whiter and brighter smile, returning your teeth to the way they looked before the discoloration.

Does teeth whitening hurt?

Some people experience minor tooth sensitivity during or after the whitening process. Typically, the sensitivity lasts no more than 48 hours. During this time, it is best to avoid hot or cold foods and drinks. The actual application process is not painful. The vast majority of patients report experiencing no pain during or after the process.

What happens during an in-office procedure?

When Zoom teeth whitening is used, a cosmetic dentist and their team will apply a specially formulated gel to your teeth, covering the gums and soft tissue with a Gingivital Dam Barrier and a Disposable Face Guard. The gel is then exposed to the Zoom Whitespeed Laser to activate the gel and to quicken the drying process. The in-office procedure takes about an hour.

How does Zoom Teeth Whitening Work?

Only a GDC registered dentist is legally allowed to perform teeth whitening treatments. A 6% Hydrogen Peroxide Gel is used to whiten the stains that have built up on the enamel of your teeth. When the technique is done properly, the stains become almost impossible to see and your teeth look naturally white, we guarantee a minimum of 6 shades on the whitening chart.

Can I benefit from teeth whitening?

Most people can benefit from some form of teeth whitening. However, every patient is different. Patients who are pregnant, lactating, or under the age of 18 should not undergo teeth whitening procedures. Before we perform teeth whitening, our team will conduct an evaluation to see if you are a good candidate.

Why shouldn’t I just use a product bought online or over the counter?

It is illegal for anyone other than a dentist and their team to perform in-house teeth whitening because of the potency of the gel used in the procedure. Over the counter products will not produce anywhere close to the same results as a professional application. The gel sold in over the counter kits is much weaker and uses different, less effective ingredients or at worse is unsafe for your teeth.

How long does teeth whitening last?

Your teeth will gradually fade over time. However, good dental hygiene and six monthly hygienist’s appointments will help results last longer.  You should avoid foods and drinks that stain your teeth.

Following up your laser treatment will the home kit we provide in clinic, will prolong results.

Some people go years with between whitening sessions. It all depends on your individual teeth, dental hygiene, eating and drinking habits and follow up use with our ‘prescribed’ home kit.

Are there any side effects to teeth whitening?

There are no known major side effects of teeth whitening. Extensive research has determined that teeth whitening is safe and effective. Sometimes patients may experience mild sensitivity for 24- 48 hours after the procedure is performed.

Will teeth whitening damage my teeth?

Teeth whitening does not damage your teeth. Many dentists and cosmetic dentists believe that teeth whitening is the safest cosmetic dental procedure available so long as it is carried out under the supervision of a licensed dentist.

Why should I get my teeth whitened?

One of the first things anyone notices about you is your smile. The more comfortable you are with your teeth the more you will smile. People who smile are happier, more confident, and more trusted. Getting your teeth whitened can be especially important to anyone who regularly makes professional presentations or who needs to impress clients as part of their occupation.

For More Information About Teeth Whitening or to Schedule a Consultation Call Us at 0203 289 7904

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